Upcycling Project

A long term environmental problem is non-degradable plastic waste all over the world. There are different solutions to deal with it. ABA Donation has one of them. Our Upcycling Project tackles the issues sustainability and poverty reduction in Ampenyi. Within this project, workers of ABA Donation collect plastic waste from the environment and sew bags out of it while at the same time using local fabrics. These bags are later sold for the local and German market. Our organisation provides good and fair payment for the tailors as well as educating new ones. The key issue for the organisation is to keep the people in the village and guarantee an independent and sustainable project. 

More importantly is our goal to support and empower the local people. While this project provides one solution ABA Donation makes an effort to find multiples more to fight the plastic pollution and poverty in Ghana. Therefore this upcycle project is going aliviate and improve the standard of living of the youth of Ghana