Global Learning

Within our Cooperation with Engagement Global, Volunteers from NRW Germany come to Ampenyi in Ghana every year. The Volunteers get to know the culture, food and landscape of the country. In addition they see the daily life as well as the challenges from Ghanaians of Ampenyi. They help to support the work of ABA Donation and get insights in different fields of NGO work.

ABA Donation´s concern is to establish a good quality of life. Therefore it is important to have a sustainable development. Our vision is to provide equality and education for everybody. The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN are the bottom of our work. The key issues for our mission are to reduce poverty, create a sustainable environment, build communities, and take part in climate action, education and empowerment. We want to act local and think global. By doing that we support the local people and the idea of multiplicators for sustainable economic growth. In addition to that we build intercultural relationships to strengthen the cultural discourse

A tour to the Cape  Coast Elimina castle 

Kakum Nature park