Emergency Aid

Meet Mr. Adam a phone repairer and sales of repaired phones as a livelihood  he needs your support to be able to grow  His business and also sustain him and give him a better standard of living.  The support can be of any form being it financially, defected phones that needs repairs, prayers and any kind of support. To be able to sustain him

His wheelchair is also spoiled and we will be grateful if one will be able to spend him and others like him such wheelchairs to help ease their movement. He is usually being moved around by the help of kids and a few neighbors in the community, due to this if there is no one around to push him, then he has not other alternative than to stay in one place for almost the whole day.

Kofi is a young boy who needs a our aid because he lost his dad and since his mum remarried, less attention has been given to him since then. Our 2019 batch of volunteers aided to enroll him back to school. We therefore appeal to the public to support this young and bright boy achieve his  goal in life.


Our  old lady plays an important role in Aba donation in cleaning the whole yard and makes sure the place is not swallowed up by grass and dirt. Aba is supporting her with a few livestocks and some funds but thats not good enough and we urge everyone to help support us and put smiles on the face of our granny.